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Welcome to the Rumsey Family Genealogy Pages. This site represents decades of research on the history of the Rumsey, Skillin, Razak, Carswell, Scoville and Ballou families, to name only a few. I hope that you can find something on my site that will prove useful to your own family history search.

If you are new to the site you will likely want to start by reading through the Help and FAQ sections below. Also note that information concerning living individuals is withheld from public view. If you wish to have full access to my database, you will need to register.

While I do have a lot of research on the Rumsey name, I also have lots of information on several other surnames from my past, as well as research on my wife's lineage. I am constantly uncovering new information and updating my pages, so check back periodically. You can also view the What's New page for the latest updates.

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